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Star Citizen hints at its larger universe in latest trailer

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Star Citizen's latest video is pure space sim. Assembled for a recent presentation (opens in new tab) of developments in AMD graphics technology, the footage does more than show off all the polish that's being applied to the ambitious project. The video also works as a subtle vehicle for the highly-anticipated game's story.

We've seen some of the footage before, but the new video begins to demonstrate the world-building that's going on behind the scenes of developer Cloud Imperium Games' extremely well-supported Kickstarter project. There are shots of various ship classes, including the Aurora and the 300i which we've known about for a while now. But we also get a look at the heavily-armed Vanduul Scythe (opens in new tab) raider, apparently a popular target of Star Citizen's human pilots.

But for me, it's the sense of perspective in the video that makes it work as a "sizzle" reel for the game. When space sims function well, a player gets to feel as if he or she inhabits the role of a starship pilot. Seeing how Star Citizen stitches together its various approaches to the idea of a space sim—a hanger, a profile of a space port, or a Vanduul ambush in an asteroid field—adds some weight to whatever narrative that will end up emerging from the game's universe when its pilots step out of the cockpit.