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SPONSORED: Half-Life 2 and Portal, the greatest PC games of all time, now on NVIDIA SHIELD

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Half-Life 2 and Portal are two of the greatest PC games of all time. As of today , the pair of PC classics can be played anywhere, anytime on NVIDIA's gaming and entertainment portable, the NVIDIA SHIELD. To ensure a pixel-perfect experience, NVIDIA and Valve have collaborated to create Android versions of the classics, which was only possible with the power of SHIELD's Tegra 4 processor, and its console-grade controller.

Available from the Google Play store , each game costs $9.99, and come with the Valve seal of approval. “NVIDIA has done a remarkable job bringing both Half-Life 2 and Portal to SHIELD” said Doug Lombardi Vice President of Marketing at Valve. “We're playing both games here on our SHIELDs and fans of both franchises can expect the same gameplay they've come to love on the PC.”

If you're unfamiliar with the NVIDIA SHIELD, here's a quick summary: Engineered and created by NVIDIA, SHIELD is the world's most powerful handheld, capable of delivering immersive experiences, like Half-Life 2 and Portal, courtesy of its Tegra 4 processor and other advanced features . In addition to on-the-go gaming, TV, movie, and music playing, the NVIDIA SHIELD can sync with NVIDIA GeForce GTX gaming PCs to stream PC games from anywhere in the Internet-connected world , and at home it can connect to big-screen TVs for big-screen HDTV gaming and entertainment.

To get started, grab a SHIELD; it's now just $199 for a limited time only.

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