South Korean presidential candidate treats StarCraft fans to some free maps

As Wes reported on Wednesday, StarCraft went free to download this week alongside the launch of its long-awaited patch 1.18—its first in eight years. Interesting, huh? Yet that might not be most intriguing news to surface from Blizzard's galactic war world of late, as a Korean presidential candidate has marked the occasion by launching two custom, complimentary StarCraft maps ahead of elections on May 9. 

As reported by, Moon Jae-in is a member of the Minjoo Party—otherwise known as the Democratic Party of Korea. His maps, named 'Moonsters', tweak a couple of the original maps' designs and are built for four and eight players respectively. 

Against a blistering rock soundtrack, here's Jae-in's work in practice as featured on the candidate's official YouTube channel:

I don't speak Korean myself, however dotesports suggests one of Jae-in's maps spells "1 Monn Jae-in" by way of a cluster of resources, while another simply boasts an oversized number 1 in the top corner.  

With UK prime minister Theresa May calling an unexpected election earlier this week, might we see British candidates crafting similar party-friendly maps in other games? Perhaps a Minecraft griefing war is on the cards or, in lieu of televised debates, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon will duke it out in a three-way bare knuckle Dark Souls fight club. Stranger things have happened.