Souls-like vampire ARPG Code Vein brings giant anime swords to PC this September

If you like Dark Souls and fantastically huge anime swords—and by my count, a lot of you sure do—post-apocalyptic vampire ARPG Code Vein is once again on the horizon. Last year's E3 trailer said it would be out in September of 2018, but that came and went. And here were are again, at E3, with another trailer and another September release date, only it's 2019. Hopefully this time they mean it.

I played a bit of Code Vein a few weeks ago but I'll be perfectly honest: I have no reference point for anime and my demo was mostly taken up by cutscenes I didn't understand, a stunningly intricate character creation menu that I didn't want to leave, more confusing cutscenes, and finally a few minutes of smashing monsters with a comically huge hammer made of rebar and a chunk of concrete.

On the plus side, Luke played it for us last year and seemed to understand it a lot more than I did. You can read his impressions of the anime Souls-like here.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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