New indie puzzler Sokobond could be your next chemistry teacher

What's the difference between water and cyanide, anyway? Chemistry explains how the bits and pieces that make up the universe hold themselves together and Sokobond , a new indie puzzle game from developers Alan Hazelden and Harry Lee, wants to help you understand how all those elements, compounds, and molecules actually function.

Inspired in part by a type of classic Japanese transport puzzler , Sokobond has been designed to reveal its properties as you play, according to the developers' description .

"Part of Sokobond's charm is in the joy of discovery," report the developers on their website. "We are both very passionate about minimalist puzzle design. Check out Impasse and These Robotic Hearts of Mine . Now imagine the developers of these two games came together in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco and started making a game about chemistry. This is that game."

The game includes music by Ryan Roth , whose previous work includes projects like Starseed Pilgrim and Electronic Super Joy . Sokobond made a list of 10 outstanding indie games at the recent PAX Prime convention in Seattle.

Sokobond is available for $10 through the developers' website , but is also looking for up-votes through the Steam Greenlight program. Check out its launch trailer below.