Skyrim hits 10,000 mods in Steam Workshop

Sykrim: Shannara Weapon Set

( Want to know what Skyrim looks like when you install 200 mods at random? Find out in our eye-opening, eye-bleaching diary: Skyrim: Week of Madness . )

The ancient stonework of High Hrothgar prophesized that the 10,000th Skyrim mod would include a righteous sword of bananas and a flying Buick. Thank goodness for the uncertainty of prophecy, as while Skyrim has indeed received its 10,000th mod, its contents are more pragmatic.

Modder Joe Powell's Shannara Weapon Set marked the milestone for Skyrim's sizable mod library, and it provides an armory of sharp pieces of metal based on author Terry Brooks' epic fantasy Shannara series. Bethesda conducted a short interview with Powell discussing his first foray into user-made content and his experiences working with the Creation Kit tool suite. Onwards to 20,000!

Omri Petitte

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