Skyrim mods downloaded 13 million times on Steam. Which mods are the most popular?


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Bethesda tweeted a tidbit today to make our Skyrim-playing console brethren even further jealous: a Thu'um-worthy 13.6 million PC mods have been downloaded to date, through Steam Workshop alone. That's almost as many dragon bones as I have gathering dust in the front cabinet at Breezehome!

In recognition of this colossal milestone, here are some of the most subscribed mods from the last month in Steam Workshop. Also, remember to bookmark our ever-updating list of the 25 best Skyrim mods !

1. Dragon Bone Weapons Complete

Dragonbone Weapons

lets you craft blunt and pointy objects of all shapes and sizes with them

2. Sabre Cat Companion

Sabre Cat Companion

have one that fights for you

3. Dovahkiin Relaxes Too

Dovahkiin Relaxin'

engage in many of the idle animations previously restricted to NPCs

4. Pure Waters

Pure Waters

make all of Skyrim's lakes, streams, and coastlines look nicer

5. Plant Trees

For the environmentally-conscious Dragonborn, this mod adds a new vendor outside of Whiterun selling tree seeds . Once placed in the world, they will sprout as saplings and steadily grow larger over time. Fully-grown trees will even drop seeds of their own, and eventually die.

6. Helmetless Warrior

Helmetless Nord

an extra set of helmets to the smithing menu that have the same stats as the existing ones, but don't show up on your character model

Is popularity of a mod a good indication of quality? How do you find cool, new mods to spruce up your Skyrim experience?