Six years on, the free DLC keeps coming for tactics RPG Battle Brothers

A holy knight and a gravedigger fight bandits in Battle Brothers
(Image credit: Overhype Studios)

Of Flesh and Faith is out now for Battle Brothers, a free DLC that'll add two new origins for your mercenaries and a suite of events and equipment to suit both. We're big fans of Battle Brothers at PC Gamer, a 2017 tactics RPG that has you run a mercenary company in a hardscrabble fantasy world called The Darklands. Our EIC Evan Lahti even penned a whole ode to Battle Brothers.

One origin, the Oathtakers, sees your troops "follow the teachings of Young Anselm," fighting for righteousness and swearing oaths that give bonuses and balancing disadvantages until you fulfill them. The other, Anatomists, sees you playing twisted medical types who can dissect fallen foes. They do have a rather exciting description: "Further your research even if they shun you for it, dissect the corpses of your fallen enemies, and devise new ways to empower your men."

The DLC adds new mechanics, banners and gear that fit both factions, and over 50 new events that can occur on your travels. Developer Overhype calls this "a love letter to the fans of Battle Brothers after a journey of almost six years together" and it's pretty clear the admiration is mutual: This has to be one of the only Steam DLC pages I've ever seen where half of the players are wishing they could have paid the devs for it.

Overhype continues to beaver away on its next title, which many are hoping will be Battle Brothers 2. Either way, in the meantime, there's now all-new ways to start fomenting a peasant rebellion.

Rich Stanton

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