SimCity offline mode is "almost there Mayors"

The impossible will soon come to pass: SimCity's offline mode is "almost there Mayors" and will arrive as part of Update 10, which is now in "final testing", according to the offical SimCity twitter account . The long, arduous journey of SimCity's offline mode (it's like The Hobbit but with DRM) will soon be over. With Blizzard finally ditching Diablo 3's stupid real-world auction house on March 18th , this is shaping up to be a particularly good week.

If you've been following the saga (dammit, now I owe some money), you'll know that EA/Maxis have previously said that an offline mode for SimCity would not be possible , that they were "exploring the possibility" , that OK we're making one anyway , and that it's a substantial undertaking and the result of six and a half months' work.

So it's been a hell of a long time coming, and EA/Maxis seem to have begrudged it every step of the way, but SimCity's offline mode is finally nearly here. With any hope, modding the game will soon be a less Draconian process too. (Thanks, IGN )

Tom Sykes

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