SimCity gameplay video shows thriving city of sin, meteor experiment

SimCity casino

SimCity Lead Designer Stone Librande's casino empire looked fantastic when he introduced it , including a look at unconventional trash handling methods which is seemingly an actual thing among the development team. A new followup video checks in on Librande's progress, emphasizes the nifty resource sharing of multiplayer city zones, and starts a fire with meteors. Seriously.

Librande shows how increasing income and citizen satisfaction is as simple as snapping a few hotels onto a casino or adding a helipad atop a police headquarters. It looks like individual building customization can greatly boost city performance, especially when focusing on a specific role like a giant gambling destination. Assigning further territories in your grid to other players allows delegation of critical infrastructure, which both frees up your zones for commercial and residential expansion and turns your friends into impromptu power/sewage barons.

Omri Petitte

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