Sharkoon built a taller and sturdier version of its Skiller gaming chair

Sharkoon is rolling out an updated version of its Skiller gaming chair that increases the maximum load capacity compared to the previous version, and can accommodate taller users as well. More specifically, the new Skiller SGS4 is rated to seat users weighing up to 150 kg (~330 pounds) and 200 cm tall (~78.7 inches).

That's still not big enough to seat, say, Shaquille O'Neal, who is just over 7-feet tall, but would able to seat Terry Crews who is listed at 6 ft 3 in. The previous version (Skiller SGS3) had a load capacity of 120 kg (~264 pounds) and a maximum recommended height of 190 cm (~74.8 inches).

"The required stability has been achieved by means of the improved steel frame construction with a consistent diameter of 22 mm. Additional stability is provided by the solid five-star base made of aluminium as well as the extra-large 75 mm wheels. These guarantee mobility on all even floors and can be blocked using the practical wheel locks," Sharkoon says.

In addition to being taller and sturdier, Sharkoon increased the foam density of the seat and enlarged the backrest in an attempt to make the SGS4 more comfortable than previous versions. Otherwise, it shares many of the same features, such as 4D armrests, the ability to tilt and pivot the seat, head and lumbar cushions, and removable textile covers that you can wash.

The Skiller SGS4 is available now in a variety of colors, priced at €329 (works out to around $398 in US currency). That puts the Skiller SGS4 at the higher end of the gaming chair scene, making it more expensive than Vertagear's SL5000, which is currently our pick as the best gaming chair (we haven't tested the Skiller SGS4, so obviously we don't know how it compares).

Paul Lilly

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