Send your Sims to school with user-made Sims 4 "Get to College" mod

The Sims 4: Get to College

Have you ever dreamed of sending your Sim off to university, to achieve a higher education and a better life? Thanks to the efforts of modder Simmmythesim, you can now do just that by way of his free Sims 4: Get to College mod.

The mod adds three majors to the game—Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Music—each with their own goals, and three related venues, the Phys Ed building, the Fine Arts building, and the Music building. There's also a new object, the Podium, and a pair of new college-related interactions: Asking Questions and Streaking.

The educational life is broken down into specific days, each with their own college-related purpose. Activity Days take place on Monday and Wednesday, and involve doing things related to your major; Tuesdays and Thursdays are Lecture Days, during which you'll listen to lectures and ask your questions; and Presentation Day, presumably on Fridays, when your SimStudent will give a presentation to the class.

That last bit is especially interesting because if your Sim doesn't study, his or her performance, and grades, will suffer. It will take about four hours of studying to achieve the highest possible grade, according to Simmy, and that will mean a lot of sleepless nights. But there's an upside: Sims who graduate will start their chosen careers at level four, giving them a real leg up on their uneducated digital fellows.

As noted by Kotaku, Simmythesim has a number of other Sims 4 mods to his credit, including a Hotel mod, a Cinema mod, and a "Homework is Unfun" mod. The Get to College mod requires the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion and version 1.9.80 of the game, and comes with the recommendation that players disable aging when they send their Sims to school, so they'll retain their youthful vigor when they come out the other side.


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