Save 20 percent on Endless Space 2 this week

Endless Space 2 hasn't been out of Early Access for that long, but you can already get a nice 20 percent discount on it. If you're looking for some sci-fi strategy this week, grab it for £28 / $32 on Bundle Stars.

Endless Space 2 was in Early Access for six months, and now it's out, Chris finally got a chance to review it. It's not the deepest or broadest space strategy available right now, but it's lovely to play, and gorgeous to look at. Also, a few patches have fixed some issues the game had at launch. More improvements will be coming further down the line too, no doubt. 

It's normally £35 / $40, so that's a saving of £7 / $8 over the regular price. You get a Steam code, and it's full price on the Steam Store right now. 

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