RPS Runner is an effortlessly compelling test of nerves

Amid the chaos that is the annual Steam summer sale it's easy to let the little gems slip through your penny saving net. Our Tom does a great job of rounding up quality games you might've missed throughout the year, and there's even an algorithm that helps unearth some of Steam's most-loved, least-played games. One such gem you may have missed land on Steam yesterday is RPS Runner—a simple game that combines Rock, Paper, Scissors with the endless runner genre. 

Boasting a simple, monochromatic aesthetic, RPS Runner asks that you apply the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors to an ever-moving conveyor belt,  selecting the correct object from your three-pronged arsenal to combat whichever object appears next. 

What at first sounds straightforward quickly gets trickier as the speed of said conveyor belt steadily ramps up. Within no time I was battering the left, down and right arrows in no particular order, vaguely hoping I'd selected the correct item each time. Nine times out of ten I hadn't, but before I could dwell too much on my failures I'd started the whole charade again. And again. And again, and again. 

My highest score so far is 134—let me know if you can better it in the comments below (and, yes, I want visual proof). Here's a gander at RPS Runner in full swing:

RPS Runner is out now on Steam for $0.99/£0.79.