Resident Evil 6 lets you play as the zombies

Resident Evil 6 will be introducing a new concept for the venerable survivor horror series. The ability to hunt down strangers over the internet, bash them around the head and swallow their delicious brains. Yes, Resident Evil is finally going to let you play as the zombies.

According to Andriasang, translating from Famitsu Resident Evil 6 features a new 'Agent Hunt' mode that will pit one player against many potential opponents. The mode will become available once you've played through an area once in story mode. When attempting the level again, you'll have the option to flip a switch which will bring down the invisible walls keeping the murderous internet hordes at bay.

When in Agent Hunt mode, other players will be able to drop into your game, taking control of one of the monsters. You won't be told which monsters have the advantage of human intelligence, but you'll know they're there, tracking you, hunting you, waiting for their moment to strike. The whole thing sounds like a combination of Left4Dead's versus mode and Dark Soul's famously scary randomised multiplayer. It should certainly add a little bit of extra tension to a series that shot traditional horror in the knees and suplexed it through a table long ago.