Remember Me trailer explains how we'll play the game of mind games

remember me trailer

The latest trailer for Capcom's Remember Me spends six-and-a-half minutes explaining its backstory, memory modification techniques, and cute made-up words like "Remembrane." As a gifted "memory hunter" in Neo-Paris, you'll do sci-fi stuff to steal and remix other people's memories for your own ends. Want to take out a guard? Make him think he murdered his wife so he commits suicide! Wait, that's... damn , you're a psycho.

Ah, but the amnesiac protagonist, Nilin, does gasp afterward, so she's not all bad. Still, the fellow she memory murdered would probably have preferred a conventional death—she's also good at kicking people in the face using combos rememberized throughout the game, as glimpsed at the end of the trailer.

Remember Me due out June 4th in the US, and June 7th in Europe. Interested parties may want to commit the recommended system specs to memory. Or just bookmark that link.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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