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The new refer a friend feature in Fortnite (say that five times fast) has launched, meaning you can get new rewards for convincing your friends to open up Fortnite for the first time—or at least the first time in a long, long while.

Of course, being a battle royale, Fortnite is almost always a better experience with friends. So if you're hoping to build your squad up, you might as well get some cosmetic rewards for your trouble. You can even get the new "Rainbow Racer" skin if you complete tasks with your friends.

The only catch? You need to refer friends and complete tasks together by a certain date, lest you miss out on rewards.

Below you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to refer a friend in Fortnite, and exactly how to get each cosmetic reward.

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Refer a Friend: Sign up on the official website

The first step is to go to Epic's Refer a Friend webpage and sign up using your Epic account. Scroll down a little and you'll see a pink button that says "sign up."

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Your next step is to actually refer friends and have them sign up. This will only work for Epic accounts that have logged less than 120 minutes in Fortnite Battle Royale solos, duos, trios, or squads in the last 30 days, including new players.

When you log in, you'll be brought to a new page listing your progress. Scroll down until you see a button that says "add a friend" under "friends list."

Another box will pop up, letting you search for friends' usernames or select previously connected friends.

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You'll receive a notification that your friend has been added as a referee (not the rules-loving kind, though).

Refer a friend in Fortnite: Tasks to complete

These are the tasks you need to complete to earn rewards through the Refer a Friend feature.

  • Refer 1to 5 friends - Reward: Rainbow Racer loading screen.
  • Play 1 game with your referee (duos, trios, or squad, other modes or LTMs don't count) - Reward: Rainbow Racer wrap.
  • Place top 10 three times with your referee - Reward: Rainbow Racer glider.
  • Eliminate 10 opponents with your referee - Reward: Rainbow Racer pickaxe
  • You and your referee must gain 60 account levels from where you were when starting the Refer a Friend program - Reward: Rainbow Racer skin. (this can be achieved more easily by coordinating on group quests and sharing XP)

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Refer a Friend in Fortnite: Dates to keep in mind

You must register your friends in Fortnite between October 25 and 11:59 PM ET on November 14, 2021.

You must then complete any tasks before January 10. Thankfully, that's plenty of time to achieve the 60 levels you need to progress to get the Rainbow Racer.

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