Rainbow 6 remake rumoured


Kotaku are reporting that the next Rainbow Six game will be set in New York and will have Rainbow facing off against domestic terrorists.

The information is rumoured to have come from an inside scoop from an unnamed source.

This all comes from "a source familiar with the unannounced Ubisoft shooter", who also says that the series will be looking more towards it's roots than the more streamlined gameplay of Rainbow Six: Vegas, however the third person cover system will remain.

The new entry, currently just titled 'Rainbow Six' will apparently have a greater emphasis on story, "telling a bigger, much more gritty cinematic story" than previous iterations.

Apparently the adversaries are a US terrorist group who "fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them, decides to target New York City". Topical stuff.

Ubisoft's E3 conference is due to take place next Monday at 14:30 PST / 21.00 GMT