Quake Live standalone launcher gets official release

Quake Live still knows how to set the stage for a nicely-timed move. Seeking to avoid some of the pitfalls of a strictly browser-based existence, the free-to-play game now has its own standalone launcher, id Software announced today. The arena shooter first revealed the planned switch in November in order to get more control over the game and offer a smoother experience for players.

"With the new client, the Quake Live team can dedicate more time to updating in-game features without the worry of how ever-evolving web browsers will affect gameplay and performance," reports the developer id Software.

The developer also encouraged anyone who had compatibility or performance problems with the browser version of Quake Live to give it another shot. Players can still use the official website to manage specific functions of the game like clan management or chatting, but some of them may require the game client to be up and running. Notably, the premium subscription options as well as players statistics won't see any changes due to the transition, according to the announcement.

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