Pure Pwnage could be over for good


Cult web series Pure Pwnage may well be over for good says the show's creator Jarett Cale.

On the official forum , the creator and star Jarett Cale explained that the show was on 'indefinite hold' and that "While this doesn't mean it's officially 'dead', that is unfortunately the most likely outcome." Read on for more info.

In his forum post, Jarett explained that since director Geoff Lapaire left the web project in 2008 he had struggled to keep working on it. Despite his wish to keep producing new episodes, it appears that he is reluctantly admitting defeat. "I wasn't and will never be comfortable leaving the story where it is, although that's something I might just have to accept."

A similar sad story can also be seen with the TV show adaptation, which has not been brought back for a second series by network Showcase. "While we do have the opportunity to sell the show to a new network, it is extremely unlikely that this will happen. The networks which I felt are the strongest fit have already declined (G4, Spike, MTV)" said Jarett.

The bad news continues with regards to both the feature-length film adaptation and videogame, both of which are finding difficulty taking off.

In what feels like his heart-felt goodbye to the project, Cale finished up his post with: "My hope that Pure Pwnage will see a proper ending to its illustrious web series has nearly vanished."

[via Reddit ]