PUBG wants to mirror Destiny's aim-assist in its cross-platform support

A couple of months back, PUBG executive producer Chang Han Kim said cross-platform play between PCs and consoles is something that is "definitely" on Bluehole's radar. Mastermind Brendan Greene has now confirmed this, and says he and his team are looking towards Destiny's well-balanced aim-assist to make cross-play "identical in terms of experience."

Whether or not this can be achieved remains to be seen, however the practicalities of such meticulous parity are "under heavy discussion." 

In conversation with, Greene addressed cross-play directly: "We're looking into it. We'd like to see some form of cross-play, but we think it would only be fair if it was keyboard and mouse versus keyboard and mouse, or controller versus controller. But it's still under heavy discussion.

"There are games like Destiny that really get auto-aim and controllers in an FPS feeling good. And I think that with Microsoft's help it's really going to get it feeling like a good shooter on console. We want to give the same experience. We want PC and Xbox to be identical in terms of the experience you have playing the game."

Greene adds that partnering with Microsoft has introduced Bluehole to a "network of studios", including Rare, the team behind forthcoming pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves. As the developer has teased via a series of video diaries, Sea of Thieves' water looks great—which is something Greene reckons could at some stage help PUBG.   

"I was... talking to the Sea of Thieves guys. They said they loved the game, they play it a lot, but, 'Oh, you're water.' I mean, our water is not very good, but Rare has great water tech. They said, 'We should share some knowledge.' That's a great thing about being part of a network of studios. We can get that water tech, essentially for free, and we can share stuff with them. That's just invaluable, because their water is great. Having that would really finish off our world nicely."