Procedurally sliced pizza RPG No Delivery has an unsettling free demo

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

I don't see what's so scary about a pizza restaurant (except for the thought of ordering a salad in one), but both Five Nights at Freddy's and now No Delivery seem to see the greasy discs as emblems of purest evil. No Delivery is partly a horror game, partly an RPG, and sort of a roguelike set in a procedurally generated pizza restaurant full of shuffling monsters.

You play as a series of employees tasked with investigating the establishment, and usually dying as a result. Still, if one of them pegs it, there's always another (be they human or animal) waiting to take their place. From a mostly top-down perspective you'll creep from room to room, as the game presents you with special events and with occasional bouts of turn-based combat.

No Delivery really doesn't mess about with its battles, which are horribly tough from the get-go. In fact, I had to escape from every one of them, so low were the odds that I'd defeat even a single monster. I haven't seen the end of it, but as far as I can tell this demo for the in-development game seems to be pretty sizable. If you've exhausted the Freddy's series, or you're simply on the lookout for a vaguely Shin Megami Tensei-ish horror RPG, then No Delivery is a no-brainer. (Via Alpha Beta Gamer.)

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Tom Sykes

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