Planetary Annihilation puts on the gun show in recent livestream

The alpha version of Planetary Annihilation is set to perform an orbital drop to the Earth's surface sometime this month, but in the meantime developers Uber Entertainment have done a big old livestream showing how combat is shaping up in the RTS with the ridiculous sense of scale. Spoiler: it's looking rather exciting, with clear iconography giving way to more traditional detail when you zoom right into the planet's surface. Also: terrain deformation/scorch marks, which always makes me do a happy dance for some reason. While it looks the part, however, there's still a ton of inconsequential, two-minute-job stuff like AI to program, which will hopefully be in there when the alpha annihilates our PCs this May.

You'll need to scooch along to the 7 and 1/2 minute mark to reach the gameplay footage, but it's worth wrestling with YouTube's maddening timeline controls. As RPS note - thanks RPS! - Uber also did a live Q&A on the same day. You can find it not-live below.

Tom Sykes

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