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Pillars of Eternity 2 devs accidentally added turn-based combat this week

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The developers of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (opens in new tab), the best RPG of the year (opens in new tab), temporarily added turn-based combat to the game this week before hastily removing it—but not before players grabbed screenshots and gameplay footage.

Reddit user raggnarok (opens in new tab) first flagged the new combat mode, which was added on Thursday and removed a few hours later in a hotfix. In turn-based combat, each character could move a limited distance and perform one action per term, raggnarok said. You can see two of their screenshots below, one showing combat in action, the other showing a save game that has a "turn-based mode" marker on it (click the icon in the top-right to fullscreen),

You can also watch some footage of combat in the turn-based mode here (opens in new tab).

Developer Obsidian Entertainment hasn't yet commented on the mode, so nobody is quite sure what to think, but perhaps it's working on a full-blown turn-based mode and pulled the trigger prematurely. Such a mode would completely change the balance of combat and, I suspect, require a full-scale rework of many skills and spells.

Alternatively, this might mean nothing: perhaps it's something Obsidian was working on at one point and then abandoned. Let's wait and see.

For more on why Deadfire was the best RPG of the year, read Andy's review here (opens in new tab).

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