People are speedrunning the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo

Resident Evil 2 Remake’s 30-minute demo is supposed to be just a single go-round, literally one chance to live or die, but that obviously hasn’t stopped enterprising players from finding ways to get around the restriction. PC players have figured out a hack to reset the timer, and console players are using multiple profiles to get around it.

Naturally, the best choice when confronted with the idea that you can play an extremely short demo more than once is to make it even shorter. Thus, we have the burgeoning, likely short-lived, idea of speedrunning the thing. As of writing, the current world record is just under three minutes, at 2:55, dethroning yesterday’s record of 2:57. Knowing speedrunners, surely someone will do better, but here’s the video:

The Resident Evil 2 Remake demo is available until January 31st. The full game releases on January 25th.

Thanks, Eurogamer

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