PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best gaming mouse of 2021?

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Once we find our perfect gaming mouse, we tend to stick with it until the end. I'm talking about that mouse that is a perfect fit for your fingers, that gently rests in your palm, and glides over your mouse mat like Mickey and Minnie on ice. For us lot here at PC Gamer, however, we're never satiated. We always want the next best thing, and while I've loved my time with the Swiftpoint Z and Logitech G Pro Superlight most of all over the years, I know there's always a better mouse on the horizon.

We've been busy throwing around the latest releases in the name of science and gaming. From our tests, we've whittled it down to just three gaming mice worthy of the top prize as PC Gamer's best gaming mouse 2021. That's the Razer Basilisk V3, SteelSeries Prime Wireless Pro Series, and the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series.

All three offer superb sensors able to keep up with even the most aggressive mouse movements, and of course all are built to last. Though the Razer offers style and performance in a wired form factor, the SteelSeries that wireless edge we love, and the Corsair something cheaper that offers the basics done exceptionally well.

Only one can win, however, so let's get down to the nominees for best gaming mouse in 2021 in greater detail.

Best gaming mouse 2021: the nominees 

Best gaming mouse ...

Razer Basilisk V3
Scoring a 90 in our review, this mouse won over reviewer Kizzy for its top sensor, ergonomic design, 4-way HyperScroll wheel, and showy new RGB lighting. It certainly has a lot to say for itself for $70. While that price won't net you wireless capability, you get up to 26,000 CPI, tons of customisability, and that all-important lighting. The Basilisk doesn't reinvent the wheel, but we didn't need it to. It's a great improvement on Razer's already stellar lineup.

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Best gaming mouse ...

SteelSeries Prime Wireless Pro Series
Coming up close to the score of the Razer is the SteelSeries Prime Wireless Pro Series. This mouse delivers that wireless connection we so desperately desire in 2021, though with it comes an expected price increase. There's so much to like about the Prime Wireless, though, including its feel under hand, great connection stability, and solid battery life. It's not so flashy as some, but it's an understated beauty.

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Best gaming mouse ...

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series
Best doesn't necessarily mean most expensive. While a high price tag will net you the latest features and highest of high-tech, there's a lot to be said for a gaming mouse that gets the basics done exceptionally well at a reasonable price. That's the Corsair Sabre. It's a little flashy with some RGB lighting, but for the most part it's a comfortable shell wrapped around a capable 18K sensor with 8K polling. We're talking about the cheaper wired version here, but there's also a wireless option available.

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Those are the three nominees, and the winner of our prestigious best gaming mouse 2021 award will be announced on New Year's Day. Keep watch for that.

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