Path of Exile gets October 23 release date, new Scion prestige class

Path of Exile has been in beta for roughly 8,000 years, but its journey is finally about to come to an end. As revealed to Shacknews , the free-to-play action RPG will escape open beta and emerge blinking into the real world on October 23rd, accompanied by a new prestige class.

That new class is the Scion, a nobleman's daughter exiled for killing her husband back on the mainland. She's a bit tricky to play as, apparently - as she's located near the middle of Exile's staggeringly huge skill tree - so she won't be unlocked until you've completed the game. Other new things we can expect from the launch: six new areas, boss fights, and a more satisfying conclusion to the game, along with more story-based content further down the line.

If you can't wait two-and-a-bit weeks, Path of Exile's open beta is still very much open and, er, in beta.

Tom Sykes

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