Online crafting RPG Trove enters closed beta


If you were worried that voxels might be going out of fashion, then a) what's wrong with you, and b) don't panic, because voxel-based RPG/crafting game Trove has arrived. Well, OK, it hasn't quite arrived yet, but after its announcement late last year, a wild closed beta has appeared. A nice new trailer features all the dragons, football, futuristic racing and flying carpets you were probably expecting.

While Trove's eventual 1.0 release will be free-to-play, you'll need to buy your way into the closed beta by purchasing one of its starter or credit packs, the cheapest of which will set you back $5/£4. The main site is a little misleading about this, with no mention of the closed beta on any of the cheaper credit packs, but this blog post reveals that you can buy your way in for $4.99/£3.99. (Look for the '750' credit pack at the bottom of the page here.)

I can't say whether Trove is worth it, but the following trailer succeeded in capturing my attention—there's a hell of a lot going on there.

Trove is the voxel crafting sandbox game that lets you own a "trans-dimensional" home that persists across different servers and worlds. The team have outlined their plans for the future here.

Tom Sykes

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