Online card duelling game World of Tanks Generals is out now

World Of Tanks Generals 4

Wargaming's browser-based online card game about tanks, World of Tanks Generals: Order of Battle, is now officially released after a long period of beta testing. It's a free to play tactical affair that has you "harnessing sudden strikes and tactical traps" to protect your HQ on the gridded playing area. You can sign up to play via the EU or US sites.

As you'd expect, there is plenty of deck building, and the game launches with "over 200 cards across three nations (U.S.A, Germany and U.S.S.R.)". There are bots to practice against before you move on to human opponents. The browser-based version launches alongside the iOS version, and cross-play works between the two editions.

We first saw this way back in 2012, when then-web ed Owen Hill concluded that "tactical, but small enough scale not to overwhelm." It launches with a pleasingly silly trailer. Don't you just hate it when cards catch fire in the middle of a game?

Here are some screenshots, too. Quite a tone shift from the king of card battlers, Hearthstone.

World Of Tanks Generals 1

World Of Tanks Generals 2

World Of Tanks Generals 3

World Of Tanks Generals 4

World Of Tanks Generals 5

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