One of the best shooters of 2022 just surprise dropped its first new level since launch

As part of the Realms Deep 2023 showcase, 3D Realms has shown off the first post-early access launch addition to Cultic, an absolute steal of a shooter that PC Gamer contributor Dominic Tarason dubbed "2022's grungiest retro FPS."

Cultic might be the perfect October game: a retro shooter with a uniquely saturated, comic book look that's been dithered all to hell, with gameplay like a weird hybrid of Blood and Resident Evil 4. It was also already an amazing deal in early access at $10 for a 6-8 hour first episode, all with the promise of more on the way.

Well, more has finally arrived. Instead of a full-on second episode, developer Jason Smith has surprise launched an "Interlude," a single-mission teaser of what's to come—and should that sound like small potatoes, each of Cultic's levels so far has been massive

The Interlude looks like a testing ground for a number of new gameplay features Smith has teased over the past year, including riot shields and variant weapons. I'm most excited for the classico FPS magnum it looks like you can pick over the base game's "mare's leg" sawn off lever-action rifle.

The new Interlude level seems to be an urban area overtaken by the first episode's demon worshiping baddies, which makes for a nice contrast with the alpine wildernesses and ancient ruins we've seen so far. It's not quite what I expected to see on the other side of the hell portal you step through at the end of episode one, but I'm always down for more Cultic. You can take on the new Interlude level yourself, as well as Cultic's excellent first act, all on sale for just $8 during Realms Deep.

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