OldUnreal patch 227 overhauls Epic's FPS classic

Unreal Gold

Emerging from the flaming wreck of the Vortex Rikers and into the sweeping vista of a Na Pali evening set to the swelling ambiance of " Dusk Horizon " is my most firmly etched memory of Unreal. It's prime reinstall fodder —if not for the sheer scale of its levels, then for its challenging, squirrely AI enemies. Rock, Paper, Shotgun spotted a mod only sweetening the experience: OldUnreal 227, a fan-made overhaul carrying Epic's blessing that provides "a new, completely overworked, and fixed" Unreal.

Update 227 brings a small library's worth of technical improvements and tweaks, most notably the inclusion of DirectX 9 rendering support and a "heavily improved" OpenGL driver. The mod's overall intent, its wiki states , is fragging lingering bugs in the 14-year-old FPS: "The general gameplay and the game itself was not touched, and it should remain 100 percent compatible to old mods and maps."

The full mountain-sized update list contains more intricate details for the curious, and you can grab the actual patch as well. And remember: Nali don't respawn.

Omri Petitte

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