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OldUnreal patch 227 overhauls Epic's FPS classic

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Emerging from the flaming wreck of the Vortex Rikers and into the sweeping vista of a Na Pali evening set to the swelling ambiance of " Dusk Horizon (opens in new tab) " is my most firmly etched memory of Unreal. It's prime reinstall fodder (opens in new tab) —if not for the sheer scale of its levels, then for its challenging, squirrely AI enemies. Rock, Paper, Shotgun (opens in new tab) spotted a mod only sweetening the experience: OldUnreal 227, a fan-made overhaul carrying Epic's blessing that provides "a new, completely overworked, and fixed" Unreal.

Update 227 brings a small library's worth of technical improvements and tweaks, most notably the inclusion of DirectX 9 rendering support and a "heavily improved" OpenGL driver. The mod's overall intent, its wiki states (opens in new tab) , is fragging lingering bugs in the 14-year-old FPS: "The general gameplay and the game itself was not touched, and it should remain 100 percent compatible to old mods and maps."

The full mountain-sized update list (opens in new tab) contains more intricate details for the curious, and you can grab the actual patch (opens in new tab) as well. And remember: Nali don't respawn.

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