NZXT's H700 mid-tower PC case is on sale for $80, its lowest price ever

NZXT's H700 mid-tower PC case is on sale for $80, its lowest price ever
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NZXT is having a fire sale of sorts, with discounts on a whole bunch of stuff. One that stands out is its H700 mid-tower chassis. This is similar in design to the H710i, one of the best PC cases around, except you're trading built-in smart functionality for a lower price tag.

In this case, we're talking about an even $80. That's $49.99 below its most recent list price. Though it could sometimes be found for below its MSRP earlier this year, we've never seen this case dip below the $100 mark. So, you're saving a decent chunk of change on this one.

NZXT H700 Case | Mid-Tower | Matte Black + Red | $80 (save $49.99)

NZXT H700 Case | Mid-Tower | Matte Black + Red | $80 (save $49.99)
The H700 is an excellent mid-tower PC case with a large tempered glass side-panel to show off your build. We also like that it comes with four cooling fans pre-installed. At just $80, this is the lowest price it's ever been.

You may recall that we compared the H700 to the H500. Our only real knock against the H700 was the price. This sale shoves that concern to the side. The H700 is a clean-looking case made of steel, with a large tempered side-glass panel to show off your handiwork. There's room for lots of storage, too—you get seven 2.5-inch drive bays and a pair of 3.5-inch drive bays.

NZXT also deserves kudos for bundling four fans with this case. All too often, case makers skimp out in this regard, and it's unfortunately not uncommon to only get a single fan. The H700, however, includes three Aer F120 (120mm) fans installed in the front and the an Aer F140 (140mm) fan in the rear.

That's sufficient to keep your PC cool (and adds value to this case), though you can add up to three 120mm for two 140mm fans up top (or go with up to a 360mm radiator for a liquid cooling setup).

There are newer options out there, but with this discount, the H700 deserves consideration as one of the best mid-tower cases for the money. This sale ends on 12/27, so if you've been looking for a new case, grab it while you can.

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