Not Pacman has more in common with Pac-Man than you might think

Of all the things that are not Pac-Man - Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, wheelbarrows, this cat - it has to be said that Not Pacman bears more of a resemblance than most. It's the latest from Stabyourself (not an instruction), who created the clever Mario/Portal crossover Mari0 , and who returns to knock Pac-Man off its hinges. This is Pac-Man as you've never seen him before (er, unless you've played the 3DS minigame Pac-Man Tilt).

Essentially, it's a mixture of Pac-Man and those awful toys where you have to tilt a couple of ball bearings into the available grooves. But it's approximately seven times more fun that that sounds, as Stabyourself himself puts it, "Because physics". You can use the keyboard, a joystick, a mouse or even the mouse wheel to tilt the screen, but it's sure to be bastard-hard in any case. It's terrifically, beautifully tricky to gobble the ghosts even when you've managed to roll into a power-up, what with your every move tipping your enemies as well. Like all games I'm terrible at, it's probably brilliant, so you should definitely give Not Pacman a try. But only after watching a video of it in action:

[Ta, IndieGames ]

Tom Sykes

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