New Dragon Age: Origins DLC to tie up loose ends

Witch Hunt

Bioware have announced another slice of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It's called Witch Hunt, and it looks as though it's going to address one of the biggest unsolved mysteries left at the end of Dragon Age: Origins. If you haven't completed the game, steer clear, here be spoilers.

Set a year after the end of Dragon Age: Origins, Witch Hunt will focus on the hunt for the dark mage Morrigan. She's reappeared in the southern wastelands where you first met her and it's up to your hero to find out what the Darwin she's been up to all this time.

Morrigan was always helpful in the hunt for the Archdemon, but she was also clearly evil, so I for one can't wait to find out what on earth she's planning. When I came to the end of Dragon Age, I accidentally made incredibly bad decisions at almost every stage. As I watched Morrigan leave, I was pretty sure I had doomed the world to some terrible fate. I can't wait to see what that fate looks like.

Witch Hunt is set for release on September 7th and will cost $7.

Tom Senior

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