Move over, Rosie the Riveter. Dinos coming through!

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What if Hitler cloned a giant army of dinosaurs to fight for him during WW2? If you mounted two turrets onto a T-Rex's face, could it still chuck bombs only using his huge mouth? These kinds of questions used to only be answered in our dreams, but thanks to the open-minded dev team behind Dino D-Day , we now do daily epic battle with Nazi dinosaurs during waking hours as well. This far-out FPS lets you enlist in either the dino-heavy Axis team or the gun-wielding Allies for an explosive, all-out deathmatch for supremacy.

The dev team's made some glorious propaganda posters for this alternate reality war, and we have high-res versions of the five best right here. Let them them stomp around as your background. And make sure you don't let your grandpa, who actually served in the war, see them—he just won't understand.