Morrowind: Rebirth overhaul mod just had its biggest update

Morrowind: Rebirth is a mod that overhauls Bethesda's cult classic open-world RPG to refresh that open world, remapping its settlements as well as adding new equipment, creatures, and music. It's just hit version 5.0 with an update that its creators are calling "by far, the largest one for Rebirth."

Among the additions are five player homes, ranging from Sadrith Mora Fungai Hill (a steal at just 35,000 gold) to Caldera Darkstone Manor (75,000 for that one). There are also new locations like Ald'Ruhn Underground, an ashlander camp called Ahinanapa, and a new level to the Yanith-Duniasha ruins, as well as overhauls to the look of several existing locations. There are new varieties of skeleton, more enchanted items, new textures and models for plants, and more.

It's a big one is what I'm saying. You can check out the complete changelog at ModDB.

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Jody Macgregor
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