Modern Warfare 2 brings back the classic Superman bug

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had, for a time, a very amusing glitch that came to be known as the Superman bug. A cursory search will throw up hundreds of examples but the gist is that the game would get confused and allow players to move at speed as if they were up in the air free-falling when, in reality, they were much closer to the ground. The 'Superman' moniker is because, as you'll see, when moving like this the player model is positioned horizontally in a skydiving position. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has already brought a few classic bugs back, and now Superman is back too. In MW2 it appears to manifest in several forms: in some clips we see players hop off the ground and rapidly gain momentum, allowing jumps and gymnastics that should be impossible to non-superheroes, while in others they also appear to gain significant altitude.

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Here's a TikTok showing someone using the glitch to basically fly up a skyscraper, and below is a compilation of various players using it in-game.

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Infinity Ward's yet to add the glitch to the game's known issues board, though that's probably because it's helping Raven Software firefight the cavalcade of Warzone 2 issues that have cropped up since launch. With that said, bugs aside, it's been mostly good times so far in MW2, which our review reckons is the best mainline instalment the series has seen in years.

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