Miner Wars demo out now

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Quite a 'boring' game. Ahahahahahaa.

Miner Wars is a game set in space in which you can mine the destructible environments, discover alien artefacts and fight territory wars over the mineral rich asteroids of each sector. A demo of the pre-alpha version of the game has just been launched. Read on for details.

The game is in pre-alpha at the moment and has been selling copies of the game at 70% off to fund continued development. Singleplayer and co-op and competitive multiplayer modes are currently in development, with the aim being to eventually create a whole MMO from the technology. the game has you piloting your own spaceship, which can be heavily customised at the various space stations that are scattered across the universe. You can then take your vessel into space to investigate the huge asteroid belts, which contain destructible asteroids up to ten kilometres wide that can be explored and mined. the universe is also populated with a number of factions who are also out to secure valuable resources.

The demo will let you do all of the same activities as those with access to the full game, but you'll be restricted to one sector of space. The demo can be downloaded now from GamersHell

Miner Wars is still in early stages of development, but the team behind the game have many exciting plans for future releases. The engine the game uses can handle huge space fights with up to three hundred players. The plan is to let players pilot much larger vessels to encourage huge space scraps. Check out the official Miner Wars page for more information.

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