Minecraft creators planning to co-publish other indie games

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Minecraft developers Mojang say that they're planning to start co-publishing other indie games as early as November. The studio has come a long way since Notch single-handedly started work on Minecraft. Mojang now has multiple staff members, and are thinking about using their success to promote and publish other upcoming indie titles.

Speaking to GI.biz , Mojang business director Daniel Kaplan explains that Minecraft's success has opened up plenty of opportunities for the new studio. "The hardest thing for us right now," he says, "is to say 'no' to all the deals we're being offered."

"We get requests every week, it's quite hard to sort them out, to figure out, okay, this is what we're going to do. If you take one path then you can't take the other, you know?"

The studio is currently hard at work on a November release for Minecraft, and are also developing Scrolls for release in 2012. On top of that, they're hoping to co-publish another unnamed indie game later this year.

“We hope to have something out this fall at least, some co-published games.”

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