Mike Morhaime founded Blizzard thanks to a $15,000 loan from his grandmother

During today's pre-Blizzcon livestream, it was revealed that the now-massive game company Blizzard was founded with a loan from CEO and president Mike Morhaime's grandmother. 

"Allen [Adham] and I each contributed $10,00," Morhaime explained. "In order to get my $10,000, I borrowed $15,000 from my grandmother. She didn't charge me any interest, that was very nice of her. Before we had any games, before we had actually done anything, this was basically the doors opening and us starting out."

The information was revealed during a dive into the Blizzard Vault, a division of the now-massive game company that collects art, artifacts, and other things relevant to the company's history. The loan—a scrap of paper complete with signatures from Morhaime and his grandmother, Mildred Miller—was issued on February 4, 1991. The terms state it was to be paid back in $100 monthly installments, interest free. 

"My grandparents were always just very supportive," Morhaime said. "She wasn't a gamer, she didn't play our games, but I know she was always so proud of everything that I did."

So what advice would Morhaime give to his younger self, knowing that small loan would result in such a massive part of the gaming community?

"I know that it would have definitely relieved a lot of anxiety if I could see into the future and see what was to come," he said. "I would probably just say 'Relax and just focus on the games.'"

Bo Moore

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