Midwinter remake in the works, Kickstarter coming early this year

Mike Singleton's chilly post-apocalyptic survival strategy RPG Midwinter is getting an HD remake. Not familiar with the legendary (and now sadly departed) developer/author and his oeuvre of classic 8- and 16-bit PC games? Have a browse of his Wikipedia page . Not familiar with Midwinter, his ahead-of-its-time first-person survival game from 1989? Have a read of this lovely retrospective on Eurogamer. Midwinter's HD remake will head to Kickstarter early this year, and if all goes well developers Chilli Hugger Software are planning for an "early 2015" release.

Chilli Hugger brought the world an updated iOS version of Singleton's The Lords of Midnight back in 2012, with a PC port following a year later. The Midwinter remake has been in pre-production since last year, but will enter the 'production' phase following the Kickstarter - if the Kickstarter's successful, anyway. Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead - who write the above retrospective - is the creative lead on the project, and had this to say in the press release:

"Midwinter was a seminal game, and a huge influence on the open world sandbox genre, but Mike's vision was held back by the technology of the time. Our aim is to bring Midwinter back into the modern gaming environment, combining the depth and variety of the original with today's cutting edge visuals and processing power. The goal is not to merely remake the game, but to fully realise Mike's ambitious design without the limitations of 16-bit hardware."

Here's a Weight Watchers-style before and after image:

Thanks, Eurogamer .

Tom Sykes

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