Meddle in foreign affairs with Democracy 3: Africa, out now

Democracy 3 Africa

The African expandalone for gaming's premier political sim is out now, priced £11/$15. Democracy 3: Africa tasks you with staying in power and improving the lives of your citizens, be you basking in the stable democracy of Mauritius or spinning plates in Egypt. However, the electorate is likely to have cause for complaint when you're choosing between new roads and nutrition, or making Faustian pacts with superpowers in exchange for aid.

Democracy 3_ Africa

Democracy 3 is a sim of mind-boggling depth. Intimidating at the best of times, Africa looks like it'll make your political career shorter-lived than ever before. If you're not a natural statesman, developer Jeff Sheen was on hand at the PC Gamer Weekender to ease players into the role with sage advice, and we've got his stream right here.