Medal of Honor 2 teased in Battlefield 3 boxed copies

Medal of Honor - the first one

Boxed copies of Battlefield 3 come with a flyer for an upcoming Medal of Honor title, according to a post on NeoGaf .

It's been widely hinted that Danger Close - who made the single-player campaign of last year's beardy MoH reboot - is working on a new instalment of the franchise.

The reboot split audiences and critics, mainly due to it being ... really not great, but having very nice box art. The addition of a coupon granting purchasers entrance into the Battlefield 3 beta may have been a tempted some to give it a punt.

It seems things have gone full circle with the new flyer, which merely shows a toothy shield with the number one in the centre - presumably a reference to the game's Tier One Navy Seal team.

It also advertises Medal of Honor's official site , but that doesn't seem to have been updated for about a million years. Here's the flyer image. Would you be interested in a new Medal of Honor?

Full Flyer