Everything we know about the Mass Effect TV series

BroShep, from the original Mass Effect
(Image credit: BioWare)

The Mass Effect trilogy represents the pinnacle of BioWare's cinematic style of RPGs even a decade after the trilogy's conclusion. So it's unsurprising that someone would want to adapt it into a film or series at some point. Amazon Studios managed to secure the rights in late 2021, and while the details so far are fairly scarce as the project hasn't even been greenlit, we scanned the surface of every planet in range for whatever details we could come by.

When is the Mass Effect TV series going to air?

Unfortunately, it may be a while before we get an answer to this one. While Amazon has the rights, we haven't seen any indication that they're moving into pre-production. There is no director or cast attached. We don't even have a firm confirmation that the show is happening. Sometimes studios will acquire the rights to a franchise and sit on them for a long time.

If I were going to speculate, I'd say 2025 at the earliest. Even if they started ramping up production right away, something this ambitious is going to take a long time to get right.

What will the Mass Effect TV series be about?

For now you'll probably have to get used to the answer: We just don't know. I'd probably bet on seeing familiar characters like Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, and the reapers, though. They're well-known to fans of the games, and the prospect of seeing them in live action would draw a lot of viewers.

There's an off chance the show would instead focus on a different era or a different part of the universe, but knowing how these studios work, I'd be a bit surprised.

Is Henry Cavill in the Mass Effect TV series?

The face of Garrus from Mass Effect printed on a body pillow.

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Nothing is confirmed yet. The actor, known for his great enthusiasm for all things nerdy, has expressed an interest though. Speaking to our pals at GamesRadar, he said he "loved" the Mass Effect trilogy. On possibly taking on a prominent role, he said, "very much so, yeah, all depending on how they’re executing it."

He's already playing Geralt in The Witcher series, another of PC gaming's most recognizable heroes, and is a popular fan casting for a male Commander Shepard. I'd rather see a series with FemShep in the lead, but Cavill's enthusiasm for the source material would make him a natural fit for any number of other parts, too.

Is the Mass Effect TV series going to be live action?

Say it with me: We're not sure. But most likely, given Amazon's other recent adaptations like Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have taken that approach. Besides, a CG animated Mass Effect show would just be like playing the games without getting to do any of the fun parts, wouldn't it?