Mass Effect Andromeda is Bioware's biggest game yet

Mass Effect Andromeda is not supposed to mark the beginning of a new trilogy, yet what we've learned so far points to game grand in scope. So big, in fact, that game producer Mike Gamble reckons it's the biggest project Bioware has ever undertaken. 

Speaking to Game Informer, Gamble says: "This is the biggest we’ve ever gone, in terms of the number of pieces of content. Although we have a lot of different areas to go to, we want to make it so whenever you go to those areas, you remember them."

Less loading screens should help maintain such refined focus, particularly within areas that might have been otherwise resigned to side quests in previous games—a move Gamble says will help make side ventures "much more interesting", above and beyond fetch and retrieve quests.

As for wider areas, Gamble offers a glimpse of what to expect. "There are combat-related encounters," he says, "puzzle-related encounters, narrative-related encounters, and a lot of things will happen that add more depth to the critical path." 

Mass Effect Andromeda is due at some stage in March next year, and we expect to see more at the Game Awards on December 1. Until then here's everything we know so far, and another look at its 'cinematic reveal' trailer: