Mass Effect 3 trailer talks voice acting, shows Shepard recording sessions

[VAMS id="ww7pU32cGedyV"]

The perfect conditions for voice acting have the actors face to face, feeding off each other's performance, establishing a degree of chemistry sorely lacking from many game performances. The latest episode of Bioware pulse goes inside Bioware's sound studios to explain why that simply isn't possible. With so many characters and so many voice actors in different locations, it's a logistical nightmare. The video above explains how the devs get around this using long distance calls and lots of organisation. Skip to the two minute mark to get straight to the interesting bit.

It's interesting to see how different devs approach voice acting performances. Bioshock Infinite has the luxury of having just two main characters, so they can afford to get their stars in the same room. You can see one of those sessions in this Bioshock Infinite developer diary . Bioware are no strangers to the voice acting game, they just took a Guinness world record for the staggering amount of voice work in Star Wars: The Old Republic .

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