Mass Effect 3 trailer shows free Rebellion pack weapons and characters, electric whips

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion pack thumb

The Vorcha were fairly useless foes in Mass Effect 2, but none of them were as well armed as the new multiplayer class in Mass Effect 3, added yesterday by the launch of the free Rebellion pack . Cluster grenades, a flamethrower and a gun that kerplodes enemies into a red mist are a few of the toys on show in the latest trailer, though the Quarian male's smoothest moves can't compare to the Cerberus Defector's fancy close combat electro-whips. What a show off.

The pack will add two new maps, a jungle setting called Firebase Jade and a map called Firebase Goddess on Thessia. New classis include a Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Ex-Cerberus Phoenix Adept and Vanguard.

They'll be packing fresh heat in the form of three new weapons, the Reegar carbine shotgun (which can fire sustained electric laser beams), the Krysae sniper rifle (with a sight that adjusts based on range) and Cerberus harrier assault rifle (it's an assault rifle, you know what you're getting there). The Rebellion pack has gone live, so you'll start finding all of this new stuff in boxes from now on in.

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