Mass Effect 3 trailer: "fire in the hole!"

[VAMS id="foR2S8y9Px27U"]

The new Mass Effect 3 trailer from Gamescom shows Shepard fending off waves of Cerberus enemies, including an armoured Turian inside an armoured mech, who drops in from orbit to crush Liara while Garrus hides unhelpfully with a scream of "I'm getting killed here!" The lesson here is clear. If you want a job done, do it yourself, Shepard style, with a reality-warping mega grenade.

So far, it looks a lot like Mass Effect 2 (and Mass Effect) which is no bad thing, but this is only part one of the "combat reveal." Hopefully we'll see more of the new close combat manoeuvres in trailers to come.

Tom Senior

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