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Mass Effect 3 Firefight pack brings multiplayer weapons to single player campaign

A post on the Bioware blog announces the availability of a the new Firefight Pack for Mass Effect 3. It'll shift a selection of the recently added extra multiplayer weapons to Shepard's locker in the single player campaign, giving you a chance to thwart the Reapers with the Indra and Krysae sniper rifles, the Harrier battle rifle, the Reegar Carbine and, if you really want to embarrass them, the Geth SMG, which gets faster as it fires, but would barely bother a badger even when fully revved up.

The Blood Pack Punisher SMG and the Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle are the only two new weapons added by the pack, which costs $2 / 160 Bioware points, and is available now through the Origin download store accessible in-game.

Tom Senior
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