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Mad Max trailer shows vehicular combat, violent flourishes and dark brooding

In an unusual move, Avalanche have filled their *sigh* 'Gameplay' trailer with next to no footage of the game being played. There are brief frames of video that might correspond to what you'd see while directly interacting with the finished product, but for the most you're getting in-engine scenes of the bits in between the playing. Cutscenes and cinematic finishers acted out by some brooding stubble attached to a leathery sack of hair-trigger violence, who seethes through a dust strewn wasteland.

Not really Mad Max in tone, then, but hardly Reasonable Max either. Aggravated Max?

While the presentation doesn't do much for me, the chance of another Avalanche open world game does. Just Cause 2 is one of the most ridiculous and audacious third-person action sandboxes, and still a thoroughly entertaining - and surprisingly pretty - game. I'm not expecting anything near the sublime elegance of the infinite parachute/grappling hook combo here, but if even a portion of that game's sense of fun and bombast can shine through, it should be a good time.

Here are a couple more screenshots. You can't see Max's face in them, but I bet he's all narrow-eyed and scowly.

Phil Savage
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